Intermittent Fasting: What It Is And How It May Affect Female Hormones

  • December 14, 2022

Intermittent fasting is a term used to describe a variety of eating patterns that have alternating periods of fasting abstinence from foods and eating. A fasting period may last from 12 hours per day to several days in a row, with a consistent pattern over the course of a week.

This eating style has gained popularity over the last few years, but how does it impact female hormones?

Skeptics of intermittent fasting are concerned about the possibility of reduced reproductive hormone levels, leading to fertility issues. However, a small study of individuals with obesity indicates that these fears may be unfounded.

The same researchers, however, stress the need for more investigations into the long-term effects of intermittent fasting in different populations in regards to hormonal and reproductive health.

Before recommending intermittent fasting or other similar diets, we recommend reviewing a patient’s hormone levels with our Full Hormone Panel to establish a baseline of hormonal health.