Four Healthy Diets to Extend Life Expectancy.

  • February 20, 2023

A recent study from Harvard suggests four diets that could promote a longer and healthier life. The diets were classified as the Mediterranean, Dash, MIND, and flexitarian-style diet. Each of these diets incorporate different aspects such as limiting processed foods in favor of whole foods, including healthy fats, reducing sodium intake, and increasing the intake of nutrient-dense foods.

The study found that those who followed healthy diets had a reduced risk of stroke, heart attack, and premature death. It also showed an association between diet quality and higher life expectancy for both men and women. Finally, it concluded that following any of these four diets could add years to one’s lifespan.

Being proactive about health is another way to extend life expectancy, as potential health concerns can be caught and treated in the early stages. Our Wellness Panel allows physicians to identify any red flags and establish a baseline of patients’ health.