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How it Works
  • Simple
  • Painless
  • Convenient (Please read through all steps)
1 Clinical Survey

If you are eligible, you will be able to purchase an at-home self-collection kit.

2 Your COVID-19 Self Collection Kit has been approved and shipped out.
AML box

All COVID-19 At-Home Test kits are assembled at our state of the art specialty Laboratory. They are then shipped for delivery directly to your front door upon order.

3 You receive your COVID-19 Self Collection Kit! 

Your ACCESS COVID-19 At-Home Kit arrives at your home. Using our simplified instructions for any easy collection process, you will soon experience a fast and easy collection process.

4 Self-Collect using your Nasal Swab.

The Access Nasal Swab is only required to collect from the Nasal edges of your right and left nostrils. Follow our easy instructions to for a successful Self-Collection.

5 It’s time to fly!

Your kit needs to make it to our lab by overnight air express. You may drop it off at the nearest UPS store or drop box location.

6 Your kit arrives at Access Medical Labs!

Your kit will arrive at 9am the following morning. Testing will be performed on the latest real time RT-PCR, DNA method by a team of experienced and caring medical technologists.

7 Receive your results in 24hrs!
AML box

Our highly trained medical staff, state of the art instrumentation and concierge team gives us the ability to deliver a high level of service that is unparalleled.

8 Telemedicine

If your result is Positive, one of our Access Network Physician’s will call you for a COVID-19 Telemedicine Consultation. This is included in the cost of your kit.