NextGen | S1 - RBD Antibodies: The most accurate test to see if you’re possibly IMMUNE to COVID-19.
  • • Tube: SST
  • • Temperature: Room Temp
  • • T/A: Results within 24hrs
  • • Order Code: C19N
  • • Method: Chemiluminescene Immuno Assay
  • • Clinical Specificity: 100%
  • • Clinical Sensitivity: 99.95%

About This Test

The new Siemens COVID-19 test assays for the spike 1 protein neutralizing antibodies, which prevents viral penetration into the cell. Targeting the specific protein gives the clinician several distinct advantages over our earlier IgG determinant. First, the specificity reduces the potential of cross-reactivity, thereby making it very sensitive to the COVID-19 and not to other coronaviruses. Second, it’s highly likely that future vaccines will be specific for the spike 1 (S1) protein inhibition which essentially prevents viral replication. Today, most vaccines are being targeted to neutralize the S1 protein. Lastly, this test will clearly show if the individual (either by having had the disease or by being vaccinated) has developed specific and long-term immunity.

S1 Receptor binding domain (RBD) binds the ACE2
Receptor to start infection in SARS-CoV-2.

Spike is divided into 2 regions: S1 and S2

  • • RBD comprises the majority of the S1 region
  • • S1 RBD binds ACE2 on the human host cell
  • • S2 mediates fusion and viral entry

S1- RBD Antibodies Strongly Correlate to Neutralization

>20 studies support the ability of anti-RBD to block (neutralize) infection

  • • Putative mechanism is interference with the ability of the RBD to bind to the ACE2 receptor on the cell
  • • Some antibodies to S1 (outside of the RBD) and S2 may also be neutralizing
  • • Similar data is limited or lacking for anti-N

Antibodies to the RBD that are associated with neutralizing activity form in response to both infection and vaccination

Is there a difference in the antibodies detected?

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