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Our Toxicology Drug Screen Panel with confirmation is one that tests for some of the most commonly used drugs, helping to identify whether or not there is activity of that drug in a person’s system. Not only do we screen for the drug/medication in question, we use State of the Art Instrumentation and methodologies to confirm the presence and amount of the drug/medication in the system. Any result that comes back positive is reflexed to a confirmation using the Ultra Pressurized LC/MS/MS methodology.

What sets our drug screen panel apart from a majority of those available is that we include what we call The Metabolite Advantage which gets below the surface to pinpoint drug use.

Benefits of The Metabolite Advantage include:

  • It Indicates if the patient is actively taking the medication/drug
  • It can identify substitution drugs, i.e. a cheaper version of the drug in question
  • It can identify potential drug-drug interactions, which is relevant because some drugs can increase/decrease metabolism of other drugs and mask it from discovery
  • Some parent drugs are excreted quickly while their metabolites are fat soluble and are excreted slowly, enabling the metabolite test to distinguish the drug

Let us help you get to the bottom of understanding whether or not the drugs/ medications you are taking are working for you. Consult with your physician on the best course of action to take regarding your results.

*For each test you would like to have a confirmation ran on, it will be an additional $99.00