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The Female Cancer Basic Panel takes a look at three tumor marker tests that evaluate chemicals made by tumor cells vulnerable for detection in your blood. This panel attempts to identify if there is a presence of Ovarian, Breast, and Pancreatic cancer cells inside the body.

Your blood samples may show cancer cells, proteins or other substances made by a cancer. Blood tests can help your physician understand how well your organs are functioning and possibly if they have been affected by cancer in a type of capacity.

It is important to note that normal cells in your body also produce tumor markers. Noncancerous conditions have the ability to cause abnormal test results. Likewise, cancer could be present even though the blood test results are normal. Consult with you physician for a better understanding of what your results mean and how to determine if there is a presence of cancer, should your results indicate it.

Panel Breakdown
  • CA 15.3 -  mainly used to monitor the response to treatment of invasive breast cancer and used to help watch for recurrence of the cancer. Can be ordered to give a doctor a general sense of how much cancer may be present
  • CA 19.9 - helps differentiate between cancer of the pancreas and other conditions. Also can monitor response to pancreatic cancer treatment and aid in watching for recurrence
  • CA 125 - monitors treatment for ovarian cancer or to detect recurrence of it. Can be ordered to evaluate a lump located in the pelvic area (pelvic mass), or to help detect early ovarian cancer in those identified as being at high risk