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QuantiFERON-TB Gold Plus (QFT-Plus) is the next generation of the industry-leading IGRA for TB detection. QFT-Plus is now optimized with innovative tuberculosis- specific antigens that elicit both CD8 and CD4 T cell responses – enabling a more comprehensive assessment of cell-mediated immune response to TB infections.

Access is the nations PREMIER Full - Service diagnostic laboratory specializing in the industry leading QuantFERON-TB GOLD PLUS!

Why is QFT-Plus the best?

  • Greater clinical specificity at 97.27% (Compared to the other IGRA).
  • Results in 48 Hours.
  • Draw 1 green top tube. No pouring. No spinning!
  • CDC recommends interferon-gama release assay (IGRA) over tuberculin skin test (TST).
  • Test performed with a single patient visit.
  • 4th generation testing avoiding false positives.
Let's Compare the Two:

QFT - Gold Plus w/Access

  • Draw 1 Single Tube
  • Results in 48hrs
  • Greater Clinical
    Specificity @ 97.27%
  • 4th Generation Testing
    Avoiding False Positives
  • automated Process to
    Determine Results

Other Labs

  • Require 4 Tubes to
    be Drawn
  • Results take 5-7 Days
  • Specificity of 94.8%
    (US Guideline)
  • 3rd Generation Testing
    Leaving More Room for Error
  • Manual Process to
    Determine Results

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