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Access provides our clients with solutions to save a lot of time, draw less blood on each patient, increase efficiency and improve patient care in their office. With our broad menu of testing and products, we’re able to simplify the lab process in each office allowing our clients to focus on what’s most important… Their PATIENTS.

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Access prides itself for being the industry-leaderin turnaround time for lab testing. Results are final from Blood within 24hrs, Saliva in 24-48hrs and Urine Heavy Metal within 48hrs.

We continuously invest in the latest automation and instrumentation to set the benchmark in diagnostic testing. This enables us to provide highly competitive pricing w/o compromising quality or efficiency.

Access continuously strives to give our clients the most personalized experience possible. We complement you with a team of knowledgeable experts in clinical laboratory testing every time you call.


We understand how busy you can be when treating patients all day. This is why we created a simplified process that allows you to spend less time worrying about labs, and more time focusing on what matters most…. your patients’.


We supply you with everything needed to draw your patient’s blood in the comfort of your office. This essentially makes it more convenient for your patients while giving you full control of the tubes being drawn to minimize errors.


We eliminate the process of separating blood or pouring off urine. Just spin down the SST tubes and we’ll handle the rest in our ultra-automated facility.


Simply place all your labs for the day into our lab kit, and our courier will pick it up from your office every day at the time you desire… Results will be delivered within 24hrs!



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