Surprising Places Where Toxic Heavy Metals Live

The phrase “heavy metals toxicity” is gaining attention in the mainstream, health-focused media. Wellness influencers are toting heavy metals detoxes and low-toxicity diets to get ahead of this health concern. Smart patients will come to you to learn more and discover the underlying reason for their illness –  and likely...Read More

How to Increase Elasticity in Your Skin Naturally

Men and women alike ask how to minimize wrinkles, sagging skin, fine lines, and other signs of premature aging. These skin aging conditions can be exacerbated by a loss of elasticity in the skin. Thankfully, we can educate concerned patients on how to increase elasticity in the skin naturally through...Read More

Intermittent Fasting for Hormone Balance: Pros and Cons

When your patient asks about using weight loss to balance their hormones, the topic of intermittent fasting may come up. But, what is it exactly? Does intermittent fasting affect weight-regulating hormones? And what are the pros and cons of trying intermittent fasting? Here’s how you can educate and guide men...Read More

Hormone Imbalances That May Cause Insomnia

I can’t sleep! When a patient comes to you with complaints of insomnia, you’ll likely work through a tried-and-true checklist of possible triggers to pinpoint the cause. How’s their nutrition? Are they exercising? Is the patient obese? How’s their mental health? Are they managing a trauma? Is an external factor...Read More

The Potential Role Between Stress and Autoimmune Disease

Stress and Autoimmune Disease Ongoing pain and malaise bring patients into your clinic regularly. But, what’s behind these chronic health conditions? In many cases, stress causes these symptoms. Thankfully we can test stress hormone levels to get a diagnostic view of the patient’s presenting medical need to help detect risk...Read More