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offers a variety of Solutions to fulfill your laboratory testing needs. We strive to provide you with the right Lab Services through our diversified menu of Products below, all backed by the Nation's Leader in innovation and Laboratory Technology.

Heavy Metals

Our Heavy Metal panel may be ordered to screen for or detect the presence of Heavy Metals in your body and help diagnose recent or acute heavy metal exposure.


Is specifically catered to those that need an advanced heath analysis. From hormones, vitamins, lipids, thyroid, organ functions, Revive will give you insight on your health.


sets the benchmark for Salivary assays. This product line caters to those that need a quick, accurate, non invasive method for measuring hormone levels and adrenals.


provides everything you need to perform your Drug Screens and/or Confirmation testing. Drug Screening is performed by Immunoassay and all of our testing is run on our Triple Quad LC/MS/MS equipment.

Cardio Pro

Our CardioPro profiles are designed to give you a complete picture of your cardiovascular state, making it easier to properly diagnose heart diseases and attempt to prevent adverse heart conditions.

The Female Evaluator

can be used in the investigation of problems such as functional inferility, ovulation problems, hot flashes, hirsutism, recurring headaches, libido problems, sexual differentiation problems, and estrogen - progesterone imbalances.


is a tool that leading physicians are using to treat and medically manage patients with arthritis and other rheumatic diseases.

The Hormone BluePrint

This saliva panel is an extensive, 44 Test Blueprint of your hormones that is evaluated over a period of four days and will provide a clear picture of how your hormones are fluctuating.


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